Unit 5 Design and Mechanics

Introduction to Gears

Concepts taught:

*   Gears and Speed

*   Circumference

*   Conversion of Units

*   Measurement

*   Mechanical Advantage

*   Conversion of units

*   Simple Machines

*   Reading Diagrams and Following Directions


Standards Addressed



Gear Information

Idler Gear Information

Gearbox activity

Gears PowerPoint Presentation

General Gear Worksheet and General Gear Worksheet Solution

Gears and Speed Worksheet

Lego Gear Combinations

Moving at a Precise Speed

 Teachers will:

Prepare examples of common mechanisms that use gears.

Prepare a demonstration of the various gears use in Lego kits.

Demonstrate how to calculate the gear ratios and predict mechanical advantage.

Provide inquiry based activities that allow students to explore gear ratios and mechanical advantage.


Students will:

Participate in a teacher led discussion on:

*   Spur gears, bevel gears, and worm gears

*   How gears change speed and distance

*   Calculating Gear ratios

Observe a demonstration of changing speeds using gears.



List at least 20 common items that use gears

Change speeds on Tankbot using gears.


*   Laboratory investigations on how changing gear ratios on Tankbot changes speed and distance.

*   Teacher developed worksheet on Gears and Gear Ratios

*   Teacher developed worksheet on Gears and Speed