Unit 2 Introduction to Hardware


Note to the teacher: This lesson is designed to introduce the student to identifying Lego parts by both part name and size. Students will also learn to read the building instructions for tankbot. Tankbot is a simple but sturdy robot that students can build with a minimum number of parts. Tankbot is structurally sturdy and can be adapted to use a touch, light, and rotational sensor.

Concepts taught:

*   Mechanics

*   Teamwork

*   Systems

*   Measurement

*   Interpreting diagrams

*   Following instructions


Standards Addressed in Unit 2 Introduction to Hardware



Lego Parts Reference

Lego Identification Worksheet and Lego Identification Worksheet solutions

Lego Part Quiz and Lego Part Quiz solutions


RoboLab Reference

RoboLab Worksheet and RoboLab Worksheet solutions

Mobile Robot Design Problem

Center of Gravity PowerPoint Presentation


Teacher will:

Prepare a demonstration on how to identify Lego parts.

Place Lego Parts Reference and RoboLab reference on each desktop.

Prepare a demonstration of how to read plans for Tankbot

Build and program several tankbots with sensors, program them, and use them in a demonstration that will show students what they will be asked to accomplish. Plans for the touch sensor, light sensor, and rotational sensor are included in this curriculum.


Students will:

Observe a demonstration of several teacher-supplied robots performing a variety of tasks using multiple sensors.

Participate in a teacher led discussion on how to build Tankbot, a robot that will be used as the platform to study in subsequent lessons.

Observe a presentation on center-of gravity when building robots.

If teacher elects to have student participate in the open ended design problem at the end of this unit, then the student should observe a presentation on building tips.



Identification of parts. Open the Lego Robotics Construction set and accurately identify each of the various components

Complete the Lego Parts Identification worksheet or Lego Parts worksheet 2.

Build Tankbot



In Class Participation

Teacher Observation

Completion of Tankbot

Completion of part identification worksheet

Work Habit Evaluation

Robot Evaluation Criteria


Open Ended Design Challenges:

Mobile Robot Design Problem