Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX
This rich educational tool is designed to take students with no programming experience and teach them how to program using a C-based programming language. It is designed to teach the beginning programmer how to program Innovation First’s VEX robot using ROBOTC; the best programming language for VEX robots. Over 40 short tutorial videos, complemented by more than 275 pages of easy-to-follow, printable guides take the student step-by-step from downloading their very first program, to incorporating sensor and transmitter data into their code. Additionally, there are over 35 programming challenges, designed to re-enforce each programming concept. Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX Robots includes 5 sections:

1. Setup: Students build their robots, learn what firmware is, how to download the firmware to their robots, and create their first simple programs.

2. Fundamentals: Students learn their role as the programmer, how the robot sees the world, and what syntax is.

3. Movement: Students program their robots to solve the Labyrinth Challenge. They learn how to control their robot’s direction and speed autonomously.

4. Radio Control: Students learn how to incorporate feedback from the Radio Control Transmitter into their ROBOTC programs, allowing them to compete in the Minefield Challenge.

5. Sensing: Students learn how robots use feedback from sensors to interpret the world around them. Students improve their robot’s performance in the both Labyrinth Challenge and the Minefield Challenge using various sensor feedback.

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Planning & Behaviors video
ROBOTC Rules Pt. 1 Overview  video
Moving Forward  lesson
Minefield Challenge  pdf
Minefield Challenge Solution video
Real Time Control video
Race to the Finish Challenge pdf
Automated Straightening  video
if-else Statements pdf
Quadrature Encoders pdf
Key educational outcomes

Engineering Process
Project management
Time management
Design tradeoffs
Iterative Testing
Problem-solving strategies



Advanced VEX programming
Advanced sensor technology
Learn industry standard C programming


Teacher’s Guide – This product comes in a CD format and includes over 40 videos, 35 open ended robotics programming challenges and over 275 pages of documentations. It is designed to for beginners.

Classroom Requirements –One of the two following configurations for every 2-3 students:
1. 1 VEX Starter Kit, 1 Optical Shaft Encoder Kit (2 pack), 1 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Kit
2. 1 Protobot Robot Kit, 1 VEX Microcontroller, 1 Transmitter and Receiver Kit, 1 Limit Switch Kit (2 pack), 1 Optical Shaft Encoder Kit (2 pack), 1 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Kit. Each computer should have access to the Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX Robots tool and the ROBOTC for VEX software.

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Robots  VEX Robotics Systems
Programming  ROBOTC
Prerequisite  None
Student level  Middle and High School
Media  1 CD-Rom for PC

System requirements:
ROBOTC 1.16 or later (sold separately / 30 day demo available)
Windows XP or Windows Vista
VEX programming Kit required (sold separately)

Product Code  991344
Price  $269.95 for classroom license

Developed at the Robotics Academy
Carnegie Mellon University
Ten 40th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
412 963.7310

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