The Deep Space Terraformers Camp-on-a-Disk CD-Rom leads young campers to the edge of the universe in a robotic adventure that glimpses a future when humankind will transform distant planets into livable habitats.

In this NXT-based Camp-on-a-Disk adventure, campers are first tasked to learn basics in the training areas on the Space Shuttle Entropy. Next, campers visit a series of moons, where they hone their terraforming skills. The adventure culminates on the planet Pantheon. Robo campers help transform Pantheon into an environment where humanoids can live and thrive. STEM education is a fundamental part of the Terraformers experience, expounding science, technology, engineering and math concepts in an engaging 'hands-on minds-on' environment.
Using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT 1.1 or 2.0 software and the NXT Base Set (9797), guided navigation leads campers forward along this imaginative mission into space, The CD-Rom also includes: graphics files for creating themed paper props, a guide for camp facilitators, training videos, robot building guides, editable registration forms, gameboard instructions and more. Resource Kit 9648 may be used to augment the activities.


Robocamper content
The Science behind Terraforming Intro video

Roxie Rivetminder Mission Commander preview
Entropy Navigation Resources on the Starship
Vulcan Moon Activity 1 of 4 moon activities
Pantheon Rocks Mission  1 of 10 Pantheon missions
Pantheon Mission Profiles Document on all missions

Camp Director content
Vault Navigation Sampler

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Product features...

NXT Intro material
Engineering process
Project planning
NXT hardware
Motor block lessons
Move block lessons
Sensor programming
Beginner Challenges

Camp Directors material
Robocamp-on-a-Disk Guide
Pantheon mission profiles
Camper application
Liability release
Medical form
Camp announcement
Gameboard specifications

Quick guide to running camp
Materials list
Graduation notice
Project management handouts
Awards handouts
Website links


STEM related learning..

Science behind Terraforming
Pop-up science facts

Robot design & building
NXT hardware

Engineering process
Project planning
NXT hardware

Mission planning

Camp Directors Guide – Includes extensive Camp Guide that covers everything from planning to graduation, with recommended day by day activities. Prior experience teaching robotics or programming not required or assumed.

Robocamp Requirements –One LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Education Base Kit and one computer for every group of 2-4 students. Each computer should have access to Terrafomers content and LEGO MIndstorms Education NXT 2.0 software. Resource kit recommended to facilitate prop making and board embellishment. Competition gameboard and 'Moon' mission boards should be built prior to camp. Specifications are included on the CD.

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Robots  Mindstorms NXT
Programming  NXT-G 1.1 or later
Prerequisite  None
Student level  Middle School
Media  CD-Rom for PC and Mac

System requirements:
Windows® XP or Windows® Vista / Mac® OSX 10.4 or later.
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education NXT Software 1.1 or later.
Adobe Flash Player® 10 (included).
Adobe Reader® 7 or later (included).

Hardware requirements:
For use with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Base Set 9797.
Resource Set 9648 recommended (sold separately)

Product Code  991468
Price  $225.00 for classroom license

Developed at the Robotics Academy
Carnegie Mellon University
Ten 40th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
412 963.7310

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