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How do I Program My Robot?

Programming LEGO Robots

Programming VEX Robots

NXT Video Trainer Teaching ROBOTC for IFI
ROBOTC Curriculum screenshot Cortex Video Trainer
LabVIEW Basics training materials ROBOTC Curriculum screenshot
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How do robots think?

Before you begin to program you need to understand how a robot thinks! These videos will help you.

Thinking About Programming This short informative video explains the role of the man and the role of the machine when programming.
Planning and Behaviors Successful programmers break their programs into logical small behaviors.
Robot Decision Making This video teaches about how robots see their world. This is an important concept for a programmer to understand.
Behavior Based Programming This video teaches a very logical step-by-step method that successful programmers use as they build their programs.
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Links to Cool Robot Competitions

Click the links below to learn about several international robotics competitions..

US FIRST Organization VEX-robotics-competition-logo BEST Competiton Logo National Robotics Challenge Logo TSA logo Robofest logo  
Click Robot Events to go to a site that has
lots of different competitions at one place.
Robot Events

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How do you manage a large project like building a robot?

Engineering Process Video

Engineering Process Video

The Engineering process is vital to successfully solving a problem. The engineering process involves several key steps that includes planning, designing, and most importantly, testing! Watch the video to learn more!


Project Planning Video

Project Planning Video

Proper planning is the first step of a successful engineering project. This video will provide you with a tested plan that project managers use when they are working on complex projects. Watch this video to see how project planning can help you achieve your goals!


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