Resources for Programming NXT Robots


Below you will find free resources and support for teams that are programming their LEGO robots
using LEGO’s NXT-Graphical programming language. 


What is on this page?




Team Resources

Engineering Process Video

The Engineering process is vital to successfully solving a problem. The engineering process involves several key steps that includes planning, designing, and most importantly, testing! Watch the video to learn more!




Engineering Process Video

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Project Planning Video

Proper planning is the first step of a successful engineering project. This video will provide you with a tested plan that project managers use when they are working on complex projects. Watch this video to see how project planning can help you achieve your goals!


Project Planning Video

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Behavior-Based Programming Video

You may think that writing programs is easy and that the quickest way to a successful programming solution is to write the whole program and then test it. This video describes why completing goals in small "create-and-test" steps is the best way to write successful robot programs.

Behavior Based Programming

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Curriculum and Training materials


Learn how to program your NXT using the
NXT Video Trainer

The NXT Video Trainer 2.0 provides you with step-by-step videos on how to program the NXT using NXT-G (LEGO's graphical programming language). From moving forward, to making advanced decisions, you will learn everything you need in order to make your NXT complete your challenges!

NXT Video Trainer

Click here to preview the NXT Video Trainer 2.0


Robot in Motion

Because of the limited amount of time an FLL team has to complete their project the FIRE project team believes that FLL teams should only tackle one lesson set from the Robots in Motion curriculum. FLL teams would benefit from completing the Asteroid 2012 JN4 Challenge.



Robotics Explorations Preview
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