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The Robotics Academy is eager to support teams competing in this year's FTC Challenge.

You will find links below to training materials that will enable you to master the TETRIX Robotic Platform:

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Download ROBOTC for FTC



Engineering Process/Planning your Project

Engineering Process Video

The Engineering process is vital to successfully solving a problem. The engineering process involves several key steps that includes planning, designing, and most importantly, testing! Watch the video to learn more!




Engineering Process Video

Click to view Engineering Process video



Project Planning Video

Proper planning is the first step of a successful engineering project. This video will provide you with a tested plan that project managers use when they are working on complex projects. Watch this video to see how project planning can help you achieve your goals!


Project Planning Video

Click to view Project Planning video


Behavior-Based Programming Video

You may think that writing programs is easy and that the quickest way to a successful programming solution is to write the whole program and then test it. This video describes why completing goals in small "create-and-test" steps is the best way to write successful robot programs.

Behavior Based Programming

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Getting Started with TETRIX

The Getting Started with TETRIX guide will help get your FTC team up and running. Learn the basics of using the TETRIX system, build a TETRIX testbed with the step-by-step tutorials, and preview the different programming options available.

Getting Started with TETRIX Screenshot

Click to view Getting Started with TETRIX



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Training Webinars

Webinars will be offered this fall.  They will be designed to help FTC teams to get their robots up and running.  If you have specific questions that you need to have answered right now, go to the FTC forum.

  1. Week 1: Downloading ROBOTC and ROBOTC Resources
  2. Week 2: Getting Started with ROBOTC and getting Support
  3. Week 3: Continuous Rotation Servos

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Learn to Program using ROBOTC

FTC teams, please enjoy the ROBOTC for TETRIX training materials posted at the right.  Click the link and you will find in-depth programming lessons and engineering challenges that will teach you how to program your TETRIX robot to do incredible things. 


If you are a teacher and would like to have a copy of this curriculum that can be placed on every computer in your lab please click here.  

ROBOTC Curriculum screenshot

Click to view ROBOTC Curriculum for TETRIX


The ROBOTC Forums

The forums provides a place where you can quickly find answers to your questions.  If you are having issues with code and cant find the answer, search the forums or post your question and others can help.


Click here if you've never used a forum and want a quick guide to logging on, posting questions, and using the built-in search function.



Learn about what the community is doing with ROBOTC go to the ROBOTC Blog.


ROBOTC Curriculum screenshot

Click to go to the ROBOTC Forums


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Learn to Program using LabVIEW

The LabVIEW Basics training materials provide an introductory level set of videos to get you started with programming LEGO Mindstorms robots in LabVIEW.

Please note that this is to learn LabVIEW programming only and is not FTC-specific!

LabVIEW Basics training materials

Click to view LabVIEW Basics



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