Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't the videos showing up when I click on the button?

During installation of a Robotics Academy curriculum software, there's is a "safe file" that gets executed. If for any reason there is an issue with running this safe file (for example, you don't have enough privelages as a user to install) then this will not be installed. The safe file allows Flash to run code that tells your computer that it is "safe" to run specific commands (like opening another browser window for a pop-up video).

If there is a problem with the safe file installation, the videos will not show up. Here are the steps to solve this issue:

1. Close any browsers windows that may be open.
2. Navigate to the folder "C:/Program Files/Robotics Academy/" and open the folder with the name of the product
3. Locate the file with the word "safefile" in its name. It is a ".bat" file.
4. If you are using VISTA: Right click on the ".bat" file and select "Run as Administrator". A dialog will appear, prompting for permission to run as an administrator. The user should grant this permission. If you are using XP: Simply run this file.
5. The safefile will have been installed at this point. It takes less than a second for it to be installed. At this point, the user can try to launch the SDL application again and the product should work.

If you still are having issues, you can manually set the Flash Security settings by following this FAQ:

How do I Set Flash Security Settings?

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