Why use Expedition Atlantis?

Expedition Atlantis presents mobile robot math problems in a highly scaffolded and contextualized manner. The game uses a mythical legend, underwater robotics exploration, and a game-like quest to motivate students to use math rather than "guess and check" their way through robot programming. The game is designed so that students learn to play the game in the game and includes ingame tutorials.

The game intentionally removes the notion of programming allowing kids to focus on learning mathematical strategies without having to worry about the nuances of programming. Expedition Atlantis’ rewards students for mathematical solutions, and if the teachers uses the tools provided in this teacher guide, is designed to generalize students’ proportional reasoning skills by the end of the game.

So why should you use use Expedition Atlantis?
  1. Proportional problems are embedded everywhere
    1. Widely applicable
    2. Students with math IEPs especially need proportional reasoning skills
  2. Expedition Atlantis provides students with the big ideas needed to become proficient proportional thinkers
    1. High student engagement through underwater robotics game
    2. Research-driven
      1. Mechanistic approach
      2. Proportional thinking, not just proportional methods
      3. Repeated, contextualized practice
      4. Unified approach
    3. Aligns with the Common Core Standards
    4. Immediate teacher and student feedback
    5. Differentiation for high- and low-performing students (manual and automatic)

Expedition Atlantis is designed to be a fun, educational tool to teach and reinforce proportional relationships. When complete, it will be accompanied with a full Teacher’s Guide that provides information on its use in the classroom, ties into mathematical standards, and other valuable information. It’s also available completely for free during our Beta and Feedback period, so download it today!